Tooth Filling Near Me Jacksonville Fl

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When it comes to dental procedures, many people get worried that the dentist will tell them they need to get a tooth filled. However, a tooth filling near me in Jacksonville FL is not as scary as it sounds. If you are able to work with a reputable dentist with plenty of training and experience, this is a procedure that should go smoothly and you will be back on your way before you know it.

What Is A Tooth Filling?

Just as the name implies, a filling is a procedure done to help restore a tooth that has a bit of decay or damage so that it can get back to its regular shape and function. If a dentist gives a filling, the decaying tooth materials are removed before the affected area, or cavity is cleaned and then filled in with a type of filling material.

Fillings help to close off any spaces where bacteria can get inside and they assist with the prevention of any further decay. The materials that are often used for a filling will include a tooth-colored composite resin, porcelain, gold or a material known as amalgam. This is an allow that is made up of copper, silver, mercury, or sometimes zinc. 

Whenever you have damage or a fracture due to decay that spans a large portion of your tooth, it may be recommended that you have a crown or cap put in place. Decay that makes its way down to the nerve can be treated through root canal therapy or with pulp capping. 

Tooth Filling Near Me In Jacksonville FL 

Do you know if you need to have a filling? Only a dental professional is able to determine whether or not a filling is needed for your tooth. When you have a checkup, the dentist takes a close look at your teeth or x-rays are taken to get a clearer picture of the issue at hand. All of the tooth surfaces will be looked at carefully to make sure that any and all damage is completely checked and recorded before a plan of action is put into place.

You may be worried about the cost involved with a tooth filling. In general, a filling may cost around $150 up to $500 if you do not have dental insurance, all depending on the kind of filling that is required. The good news is that ASAP Dental Care not only accepts dental insurance but we also offer patient financing so that you can get the dental care you need without having to worry about having the funds up front 

At ASAP Dental Care, we are your go-to destination whenever you need a tooth filling near me in Jacksonville FL and we also take walk-ins so that you can get the prompt attention you deserve. Our dental professionals are passionate about the work and we will always do whatever we can to make sure that you are able to get the services you require in a comfortable, clean, and inviting setting. All you have to do is contact us for an appointment or come in to talk with us about your dental concerns.

Tooth Filling Near Me Jacksonville Fl