Denver Intervention

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Addiction is a harrowing experience, especially for the family of the addict. It is tough to watch someone’s life waste away due to addiction. With Substance Intervention, you can help your loved one by getting them the right Denver intervention.

What is an intervention?

An intervention is a process of interceding in an addict’s life, convincing them to overcome their own resistance and seek treatment for their addiction. It is usually carried out by the addict’s friends, family, or sometimes colleague after they see the addiction spiraling out of control and want to help them. In most cases, an intervention also includes ultimatums, which the group imposes on the addict should they refuse treatment.  

We offer a free four-hour consultation during which we determine whether we can be of help to you or not. Once we establish that we can help, we start by planning the strategy with you. We settle on the meeting times, discuss the addict, and agree on the family members, friends, etc. who will attend the intervention.

What to expect during a Denver intervention

What takes place during an intervention is usually agreed upon before the addict comes to the meeting. This is because preparedness is very critical to the success of the process.  When the group initially meets, the addict is the main subject. The participants discuss how drug or alcohol abuse has affected the lives of the addict and theirs. They then find a way of getting the addict to a specific place at an agreed time.

During the meeting, the participants read letters and share their thoughts about the addict’s situation, informing them of their wish he or she seeks treatment. Should they refuse this offer, the group outlines how they will stop their enabling behavior and the consequences that will follow. Our interventionist is there to give support to the family and the addict. We ensure the group sets and respects boundaries, the meeting realizes its objectives and to unify and provide objectivity when things get out of control.

Who needs an intervention?

A drug intervention is the best step to take when dealing with someone who is grappling with addiction but does not seem to be aware of it. Sometimes they are aware that it is a problem, but they downplay it, not appreciating how it is negatively affecting their lives and the lives of those around them. Other times they deny that addiction is a problem. They try to blame others for the drug or alcohol use and refuse to accept the effect it has on other people. 

In most, if not all, these instances, the family finds it hard to confront the addict. Some fear suicide, while others know they will refuse treatment. It is always complicated dealing with a situation where the family is trying to get an addict the treatment they need. A Substance Intervention professional can provide the proper Denver intervention that will set a clear path for the addict to receive treatment.